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The Principle Approach


The Principle Approach™

Milford Christian Academy follows the Principle Approach, a rigorously Biblical and practical view of life and education in which basic, historical doctrines of the faith are applied to every aspect of the program, from administration to classroom methods and curriculum content.

The Principle Approach takes the familiar qualities of traditional education back to their Scriptural roots for correction and refinement.

Biblical, historical and personal experience convicts us that this approach promises to be the best way to reverse the trend of decline in education. It replaces failure with a trend of increasing godliness, citizenship and true accomplishment among those who desire to follow Jesus in all His ways — spiritual and practical.



The Principal Approach takes a Biblical worldview, which relies on America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning and identifies seven major Biblical principles as the basis for every subject in the curriculum:

  • Character

  • Government

  • Stewardship

  • Growth

  • Covenant

  • Individuality

  • Sovereignty of God


Its effectiveness was demonstrated at the outset of our nation.

During the Revolutionary War, the literacy rate of the colonies was virtually 100%.  The Federalist Papers, written for farmers and common citizens of that day, are difficult for today's college graduates to comprehend.

  • Education was not only Biblical, it also was centered in the home.

  • The first schools were started by the Church.

  • The first public schools were thoroughly Christian.

  • The character of teachers was one of integrity and courage, like that of Nathan Hale.

  • The Bible was the central textbook.

How does a Biblical worldview help your child?

  • It enables your child to discover the Biblical origin and purpose, the vocabulary and Christian history of subjects taught.

  • It helps your child take dominion in Christ over all subjects taught, encouraging use of original source documents.

  • It strives to develop within your child the Christian character and scholarship necessary to support a Christian Republic, and maintain religious and civil liberties within society.

  • It prepares your child to discern the providence, principles and character of God in America’s Christian history.

  • It prepares your child to excel in institutes of higher learning.

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